EVENT ORGANISERS Euroshow Fun Fair is a unique travelling carnival. It has the best fun fair rides and attractions in Europe and each item in the line up is also part of the larger Funderland presentation. This facility proves enormously popular and provides significant additional drawing power to each event where Euroshow Fun Fair is presented.

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How can Euroshow add value to your event

The inclusion where appropriate of one of Europe's largest Ferris Wheels reaching 130 feet high and illuminated by over 5,000 coloured lights is a spectacular novelty and a wonderful backdrop for parades or outdoor musical events. Wherever it is presented in Ireland the Big Wheel creates huge media interest and draws people from beyond the natural hinterland of the event with beneficial results for attendance figures.

For large festivals, Euroshow Fun Fair can present the "Speed Loop", Roller Coaster - a white knuckle ride complete with 360 degree loop. Given the size of the machine and the rarity of a roller coaster as part of a traveling fun fair, the inclusion of the Speed Loop Coaster or the Big Wheel adds a new dimension in prestige to any event in Ireland.

How is Euroshow laid out

Just as technology has improved the modern funfair it has also improved the planning and organization of Euroshow Fun Fair. Uniquely in Ireland, the Euroshow funfair is laid out by computer. The outline and dimensions of each individual ground are translated into a computer generated map, thus allowing the company to arrange the machines in Euroshow for optimal safety, efficiency and visual effect. In this way keeping abreast of technology allows us to design the best show.

Testimonials from Previous Events

"Euroshow is a vital part of Killarney Summerfest and the Big Wheel in particular provides a wonderful focal point"
Marie Quinlivan, Managing Director
Killarney Summerfest

"Birds operate to the highest professional standards and provide superb entertainment during the festival"
Dominic Campbell, Artistic Director
St. Patricks Day Festival, Dublin

"Birds have been at the heart of the Festival of Kerry for over 40 years, the festival and indeed Tralee itself wouldn't be the same without them"
Con O'Connor, President of The Festival of Kerry

"Euroshow brings colour and great excitement to the festival every year and the Big Wheel is a wonderful centrepiece"
Finian O'Sullivan, Festival Director
Bantry Mussel Fair

How to Contact Euroshow

eventorg For Enquiries about Euroshow Fun Fair write to:

William Bird Sales Ltd.
Ivernia House
97 Henry Street

Telephone: 353-61-419988
Fax: 353-61-419108
or send an email to:
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